Required Materials to be Submitted


Required Materials To Be Submitted To Complete The Early Entry Application
1)       Official Graduate/Doctoral Transcripts: must be sent directly to ABPP from the Institution
2)       Documentation of Completion of Internship: A copy of your internship completion certificate or a letter from the internship director indication completion.
3)       Documentation of Post-Doctoral Experience: A copy of your post-doc completion certificate or a letter from the post-doc director indicating completion; if it is not a formal post-doc then a letter from your supervisor(s) indicating the extent and nature of your supervised experience.
4)       Licensure at the Independent Doctoral Level of Practice: Your license number and state in which you are licensed and/or a copy of your license.
The above items, when received, will be reviewed for generic eligibility.
Some specialty boards require additional documentation that must also be reviewed following determination of generic eligibility.
As these vary from board to board, please see below for each board’s specialty specific items.
Behavioral & Cognitive Psychology
Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology
Curriculum Vitae
Clinical Health Psychology
Clinical Neuropsychology
Curriculum Vitae
Two Letters of Recommendation
Clinical Psychology


Counseling Psychology
Curriculum Vitae


Couple & Family Psychology
(submitted by four different individuals)
Forensic Psychology
Group Psychology
Organizational & Business Consulting Psychology
 Police and Public Safety Psychology
Police & Public Safety Psychology
Psychoanalysis in Psychology
Curriculum Vitae
Rehabilitation  Psychology
Curriculum Vitae
(submitted by four different individuals)
School Psychology
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