American Board of Organizational and Business Consulting Psychology

The candidate will be able to demonstrate competency in the following Foundational and Functional Competency areas as defined below:


Assessment, Selection, Recruitment and Placement
∙ Developing assessment tools for selection/placement/classification
∙ Developing assessment tools used in promotion decisions
∙ The validation of test instruments consistent with legal and professional standards and guidelines
∙ Job analysis for test development
∙ Implementing and administering selection procedures
∙ Identifying management potential and talent
∙ Individual psychological assessment
∙ Developing and administering tests and assessments in high stakes situations including police and fire selection
∙ Development of recruitment materials, websites, and programs
∙ Development or consulting on online and unproctored testing
∙ Providing services as an expert witness in employment-related cases
∙ Assessment of personality
∙ Conducting utility analysis

Performance Management
∙ Developing performance management systems
∙ Developing performance appraisal instruments
∙ Developing and administering 360s
∙ Developing feedback systems
∙ Providing feedback to employees and managers
∙ Job analysis for performance appraisal and performance management
∙ Expanding the criterion domain

Training and Development
∙ Identifying training and development needs, including need analysis
∙ Formulating and implementing technical training
∙ Formulating and implementing management development programs
∙ Program evaluation
∙ Evaluating the effectiveness of training and development programs
∙ Application of behavioral and learning principles in the development of training programs
∙ Succession and workforce planning
∙ Mentoring
∙ Talent development, minority talent development
∙ Creating and developing talent management systems

∙ Executive and managerial coaching
∙ Coaching with executive teams
∙ Career coaching
∙ Conflict resolution, negotiation, mediation
∙ Values clarification
∙ Assessment related to coaching
∙ Outplacement and career transitions
∙ Stress reduction
∙ Interpersonal skills and communication

Managerial Psychology and Supervision of Organizational Psychologists
∙ Providing supervision to organizational psychologists or human resource professionals
∙ Working from models of supervision
∙ Managing human resource units or other organizational Psychologists
∙ Applying psychology in management
∙ Applying management principles to psychological organizations; improving the practice of management based on psychological principles
∙ Project management

Organizational Change and Development
∙ Process consultation ∙ Surveys and survey feedback
∙ Designing and undertaking organizational interventions
∙ Team building, development activities
∙ Analyzing organization structure
∙ Maximizing the effectiveness of work groups and organizations
∙ Assessing needs and facilitating organization change
∙ Change management
∙ Analyzing socio-technical systems and recommending and implementing change
∙ Providing consultation during mergers and acquisitions
∙ Engage in strategic planning or guiding strategic planning
∙ Provide consultation during restructurings
∙ Dealing with aggression, violence, harassment
∙ Decision making strategies
∙ Work flow