About ABPP

What is ABPP?

The American Board of Professional Psychology is the primary organization for Specialty Board Certification in Psychology. There are currently 15 Specialty Boards and one Subspecialty Board.

ABPP Mission Statement

The American Board of Professional Psychology serves the public by promoting the provision of quality psychological services through the examination and certification of professional psychologists engaged in specialty practice.

ABPP Value Statement

Board Certification through the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) provides peer and public recognition of demonstrated competence in its affiliated specialty areas. Additionally, Board Certification through ABPP provides the professional with increased opportunities for career growth, including employability, mobility, and financial compensation.

Our History

ABPP was founded in 1947. Find out more.

Our Leaders

Board of Trustees, President, & Executive Officer.

Central Office

Central Office located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Specialty Boards

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ABPP builds relationships among people and institutions with diverse membership.

Mobility and Licensure

Find out more about mobility and licensure.

ABPP Acronyms

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