Academy of the American Board of Clinical Psychology

Welcome Board Certified Clinical Psychologists!

The merged Academy of the American Board of Clinical Psychology endeavors to promote the value of board certification in clinical psychology to the public and future specialists. We develop educational materials to ensure that the public understands the difference board certification brings to the care they receive. We organize national, state, and local trainings regarding the value of board certification to disseminate the importance of seeking this respected credential.

Instead of yearly dues, we rely on donations to support your Academy. These donations help us build upon the work that has been done and ensure continued growth.

Your support has already funded:

Moving forward, we will enhance continuing education opportunities for clinical psychology specialists utilizing on-demand webinars on our newly developed website. These trainings will help ensure clinical competency, examiner development, and preparation for Maintenance of Certification (MOC). Additionally, we will continue to foster collaborative relationships with hospitals, public service organizations, universities, and training programs to promote board certification in Clinical Psychology.

Any support is appreciated and we suggest a minimal donation of $50 (the standard dues for Academy membership). If you would like to give more, you may donate in $50 increments by changing the number of units which will automatically change the subtotal of the donation.

Leonardo Caraballo, PsyD, ABPP
Academy Membership Director
American Board of Clinical Psychology