The American Academy of Clinical Health Psychology is pleased to provide mentoring for official candidates for board certification in Clinical Health Psychology. The mentoring program is a free service provided by board-certified Academy fellows who volunteer to assist candidates. Mentoring is not required, but it can often be helpful to work with a mentor.

A candidate is ready to be paired with a mentor when their work samples and professional statement are drafted and close to ready for submission. This is the time when mentors can be most helpful in providing feedback on the written samples and anticipatory guidance about next steps in the process. Mentors can also be requested after receiving a rating of “fail” or “revise and resubmit” of the professional statement and practice samples or after acceptance of practice samples and moving toward scheduling the oral exam. Please access the Academy of Clinical Health Psychology Mentorship Guidelines for more information about the mentorship process and expectations of mentors and mentees.

The mentorship program is completely optional and does not guarantee passing the written or oral examinations. The good news is that there is no charge for mentoring, or any Academy service.

To request a mentor, please email the Academy president after you have your drafts completed. The president will then email mentors to check on their availability and typically you will be assigned a mentor within a week of your request. For general questions prior to requesting a mentor, please feel free to reach out to any of the Academy board members, who are happy to answer questions about the process.

Candidates are encouraged to visit the Academy of Clinical Health Psychology YouTube website and review the brief YouTube videos featuring helpful information for planning, preparing, and completing the process of board certification in Clinical Health Psychology.