ABPPSP Board Certification


In addition to meeting generic and specialty specific eligibility requirements as a condition of advancement for candidacy, the ABPPSP candidate must prepare and submit for review a comprehensive written Professional Self-Study Statement and Work Samples.  Upon successful evaluation of the written phase of examination, the candidate must pass a three-hour Oral Examination.  Both the written and oral components are designed to assess professional competency.  These areas include professionalism; reflective practice; scientific knowledge; relationships; individual and cultural diversity; ethical standards and legal knowledge; interdisciplinary systems; evidence-based practice; and knowledge of client milieu.

Applicants must have completed no fewer than 100 hours of formal education and supervision in police and public safety psychology, and no less than 3,000 hours of experience in the specialty, to be eligible for board certification (for details, download the examination manual).


$125 fee for application and credential review to establish candidacy.
$250 fee for the practice sample review and establishment of the oral examination team.
$450 for the oral examination.
These fees are due sequentially over the time span necessary to complete all of the candidacy and examination steps.  Upon granting Board certification, a yearly fee is assessed to support the many services of the ABPP and the representation of the organization to the public and the profession.