Mission Statement

Foundation Mission Statement

The ABPP Foundation was formally recognized in 2010 by the IRS as a charitable 501(c)(3) organization established to provide support for ABPP. Its major purpose is to provide the opportunity to donate in support of continuing professional education and advocacy for Board-Certified specialty practice in psychology, with the ultimate intent of improving the health and well being of the general public.

In July 2012, following recommendations from the ABPP Board of Trustees, an ABPP Foundation Board that was separate from the administrative leadership of ABPP was established.

The following mission statement was established:

The mission of the ABPP Foundation is the promotion of competent specialty practice and specialty board certification, the protection of the public through providing educational opportunities in the form of scholarships and assistance to training programs, and provision of continuing professional development. The Foundation supports educational programs to promote the importance of psychology board certification to the general public and related professions. To achieve this goal, the mission of the Foundation includes raising funds. No earmarked funds can be used for any purposes other than those by which they have been designated.