Scholarship for Training Directors

Scholarship Description

The American Board of Professional Psychology Foundation is seeking to expand the number of board certified specialists among highly qualified psychologists in key training positions. Accordingly, awards up to $1,000 are available to defray the costs of the ABPP board certification application process, including costs of travel and lodging to take the exam.

Eligibility Requirements

This award is available to any current director or co-director of a doctoral training program listed by APPIC as a Doctoral Program Associate (DPA) or an APPIC member internship or post-doctoral residency program in the U.S. or Canada in clinical, counseling, or school psychology.  Applicants must also currently meet ABPP criteria (e.g., degree, licensure, experience) to become board certified in the specialization for which they are applying, and they cannot already hold ABPP board certification. This award is in addition to the $0 Training Directors application fee.

Application Information

Applicants should submit:

If you receive an award, you are expected to complete the application for board certification within two (2) years from the date of the award notification. Requests for reimbursement of expenses associated with the application process should be submitted after the successful completion of all requirements for board certification, including oral examination. (Some limitations on travel expenses may apply.) Receipts and attestation that the submitted expenses are associated with the process of applying for ABPP board certification would be needed at that time.

Applicants must submit all above referenced materials in electronic format only to the ABPP Foundation Administrator:

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Attn:  Scholarship for Training Directors

The relevant 2024 dates for the award application process are as follows:

For questions regarding eligibility or other issues, please email:

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For questions regarding eligibility or other issues, please email: Dr. Jim Lichtenberg: jlicht###@ku.###edu ABPP Foundation: