ABPP Awards

The “Distinguished Service to the Profession Award” honors a Certified Specialist whose career represents outstanding contributions to psychology by way of research, professional publications, policy development and implementation, teaching, training, or advocacy for the profession. Nominations of individuals for this award should include a description of how their work impacted the profession of psychology, including their scientific and or scholarly publication achievements, teaching or training programs, and advocacy that is not limited to activities associated with one specialty board or academy.

The “Distinguished Service and Contributions to the American Board of Professional Psychology Award” recognizes a Certified Specialist who has made significant contributions to the development and operation of the American Board of Professional Psychology by way of publications about or advocacy for board certification, involvement in ABPP administration or policy development, or other service to ABPP and its affiliated boards. The focus of this award is specifically focused on the individual’s contributions to ABPP and do not require recognition of a broad impact upon the profession as a whole.

Nominations:  Accepted online through the ABPP website and must be accompanied by the nominee’s CV and the appropriate form data. Self-nominations are not accepted. Nominations will be accepted beginning August 15 and end on October 15.