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ABPP interacts with many organizations in which you may be interested.  ABPP also lists links to organizations with which we may not have a formal relationship, but that are of interest to psychologists and consumers of psychological services.   Listing of an organization or web site does not in and of itself imply endorsement of that organization or site.  ABPP does not, and cannot, monitor the content of other sites on an ongoing basis; however if you feel a site is 1) listed and should be reviewed due to its content, or 2) a site is not listed that you think should be listed, please email

The Council of Specialties in Professional Psychology (CoS) is an organization dedicated to the issues regarding specialization in psychology. The CoS website ( describes CoS as follows:

“The Council of Specialties in Professional Psychology (CoS) is a on-profit joint venture, initially sponsored by the American Psychological Association (APA) and the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP), to represent and support the development and functioning of recognized specialties in Professional Psychology.”

Interorganizational Summit on Specialty, Specialization & Board Certification – In 2016, the Council of Specialties in Professional Psychology (CoS) held an Interorganizational Specialty Summit immediately following the 2016 ABPP Conference and Workshops, with a follow-up meeting held in December 2016. Documents from the initial meeting are provided on this web page and materials will be added as they are disseminated. From the Summit description provided by CoS: “The Summit will identify issues/problems faced, and to be faced in the future, regarding the place of specialties, specialization, and specialty credentialing in professional psychology.” CoS, as the lead organization, asked that ABPP (as the only credentialing organization recognized by CoS) and ASPPB (as representative of  jurisdictional licensing) have each organization’s Executive Director (D. David Cox and Dr. Stephen Demers, respectively) co-facilitate along with CoS President Dr. Kevin Arnold. Among the entities participating in the Summit along with CoS, ABPP, and ASPPB were APPIC, CRSPPP, CoA, APAGS, CCTC, APAPO, APA Board of Professional Affairs, APA Board of Educational Affairs, and more. The Summit was a very collaborative interaction that began the process of identifying key policy considerations that might solve or lead to the resolution of some or all of the difficulties that the field has regarding scope of practice and specialization. There was unanimous agreement among the participants that the field of psychology needs to unify in its efforts to clarify the role of specialty education and training as well as work toward an expectation that board certification be obtained by those doing significant work in specialty areas. Please see the documents below  for more details.