COVID-19 Updates & Resources

COVID-19 Impact on ABPP

ABPP Central Office staff work remotely and are continuing to work during this time. However, there may be times when processing work is slower due to the fact that children are home from school, etc. 

Exams and other specialty board activities are managed directly by each specialty board. ABPP will work with applicants, candidates, and specialty boards to minimize disruption, while maintaining attention on everyone’s health and well-being.

ABPP encourages specialty boards to provide extensions, rescheduling and other accommodations without penalty to the applicant/candidate.

ABPP has been working with our colleagues at ASPPB, the National Register, and The Trust to provide updates and resources regarding COVID-19 as it relates to psychologists and those with whom we interact. 

Additional information that includes issues such as telehealth, license regulations for practice across state lines, and other matters can be found at their respective websites:


National Register

The Trust

Specialty-Specific COVID-19 Resources

Click on any link below to find out more information on Specialty-Specific COVID-19 Resources.