Art Nezu Dissertation Diversity Award

This prestigious award recognizes an individual whose dissertation makes an outstanding contribution to the field of diversity reflecting an ABPP specialty.

Year Awardee Title of Dissertation
Diana M. Diaków, PhD
Humanitarian Worker's Perspectives on Mental Health and Resilience of Refugee Youth: Implications for School Psychology
Keisha A. April, PhD
Let's "Talk about the Police: The Role of Race and Intergenerational Transmission of Police Legitimacy Attitiudes in the Legal Socialization of Youth
Andrew Young Choi, PhD
"Behavioral Risk in Bisexual Youth: Comparing First- and Second-order Latent Class Typologies"
Jamey Leeanne Rislin, PhD, MSW, LCSW
"Your Stress Ain't Like Mine! A Mixed Methodological Study Focused on the Impact of the Chronic Racial Stress Reponse and Coping on the Health of Adult African/Black Americans"
Maggi A. Price, M.A., PhD
"The Effects of Identity-Based Victimization on Youth: An Intersectional Examination of Mental Health, Academic Achievement, and the Impact of Teacher-Student Relationships"
Luz Maria Garcini, PhD, MPH
"Mental Health of Undocumented Mexican Immigrants Living in High Risk Neighborhoods Near the California-Mexico Border"
Brian A. Feinstein, PhD, ABPP
“Coping with Sexual Orientation Related Stress: A Weekly Diary Study of Gay Men”
Elizabeth Marie Abrams, PhD
“Engagement and Struggle for Beloved Community: Old Lesbians Building Community Through Participatory Action Research”
Lauren K. Richards, M.A.
"Racial/Ethnic Differences in Binge-Eating Prevalence, Clinical and Cognitive Symptoms, and Treatment Retention/Outcome in a Community Hospital Weight-Management Sample"