2012 Specialty Boards & Academies Awardees

American Academy of Clinical Health Psychology
Awardee: John D. Robinson, EdD, MPH, ABPP

Dr. John Robinson has served as President of the American Board of Clinical Health Psychology for the past four years. Under his leadership the board has restructured its application process, improved the practice sample and oral exam requirements, and helped to start a Clinical Health Academy.

American Board of Clinical Health Psychology
Awardee: Steven M. Tovian, PhD, ABPP 

For outstanding service to the American Board of Clinical Health Psychology as former board president and consultant to the board. Dr. Tovian has also served as a senior examiner for several years and as a consultant for the revision of board policies and by-laws

American Academy of Clinical Psychology
wardee: Christopher E. Ebbe, PhD, ABPP

For his many years of dedication to the American Academy of Clinical Psychology. Dr. Ebbe, serving 8 years of the Academy Board, two as Vice-President and three as President of the Board. As President, Dr. Ebbe was instrumental in improving the on-line presence of the Academy, with new services and up-to-date information, he revitalized the Academy’s mentoring process and spearheaded a move to improve relations between the Academy and the Clinical Examining Board that has resulted in greater comfort and collaboration.

American Board of Clinical Psychology
Awardee: Dana T. Grossman, PhD, ABPP 

Dana provides exemplary service as an examiner and Chair and she has been available for large numbers of exams, often times traveling for such. Dana is married to Dr. Ira Grossman, who as you know is on our board, and in many ways Dana provides us with this “two for one” service without any of the accolades/appreciation funneled to her.

American Board of Counseling Psychology
Awardee: Melba J. T. Vasquez, PhD, ABPP

The American Board of Counseling Psychology and the American Academy of Counseling Psychology are very pleased to honor Dr. Melba Vasquez for her distinguished leadership and service to the profession of psychology. Dr. Vasquez has been board certified in the Specialty of Counseling Psychology since 1989. Among many other leadership positions, she has served as President of the Division 17, The Society of Counseling Psychology, Division 35, The Society for the Psychology of Women, and most recently as the first Latina President of the American Psychological Association. Her passions have been to explore the dynamics of prejudice and discrimination, resilience and survivorship, multicultural competence – all defining elements of Counseling Psychology, and ethical practice.

American Academy & Board of Forensic Psychology
Awardee: Ann M.S. LeBlanc, PhD, ABPP

Dr. Ann LeBlanc -Dr. Ann LeBlanc has served on the ABFP Examination Faculty since 2008. Since July 2009, Dr. LeBlanc has been the manager of the registration website for Academy workshops. This has been no small task, as the service that manages the site has a notoriously archaic and temperamental program that has to be mastered in order to collate information from the CE Committee, create and post workshop announcements, and ensure the smooth registration of workshop participants. Finally, Dr. LeBlanc has managed the AAFP listserv for the past three years. Dr. LeBlanc has consistently handled difficult situations and personalities with patience and grace. She is always willing to pitch in when work needs to be done and is unfailingly pleasant and good humored.

American Board of Organizational and Business Consulting Psychology 
Awardee: Jay C. Thomas, PhD, ABPP 

Jay Thomas is a Distinguished University Professor, Assistant Dean, and Director of the Counseling Program with the School of Professional Psychology at Pacific University Oregon. In addition to devoting many years of service in various roles to ABPP, Jay Thomas has served as President of the American Board of Business and Consulting Psychology (ABOBCP) and a member of the Board of Trustees.

Jay received his Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from The University of Akron in 1981. After spending a number of years in private consulting, he moved to the academic world, joining the faculty at Pacific University. He is a licensed psychologist in the State of Oregon, was originally a specialist under the Industrial Organizational Psychology Board, and then helped form the ABOBCP. Jay is the author of numerous books and papers.

Jay has provided outstanding service through both the Board of Business and Organizational Psychology, and the Board of Trustees. Without his drive and initiative, it is doubtful the ABOBCP would have been created and survived. Jay believes strongly in the mission of ABPP and in professional psychology. His personal determination led him to take on personally a number of tasks and duties, contributing both time and money, to make sure the ABOBCP flourished. This included taking a lead in establishing the exam process and materials. Throughout Jay always emphasized high quality and standards. At the same time, he was an advocate for many psychologists struggling with issues of licensure and professional identity. He believed in treating all candidates with respect and compassion. This led him to go out of his way to work with candidates in preparing practice samples and for the oral exams. He has worked tirelessly in support of the ABOBCP Board and has significantly advanced the Board’s efforts. Serving on the Board, and especially as President, required a great number of hours for which there was very little reward, other than personal satisfaction.

Jay’s is passionate about the counseling program at Pacific University and equally enthusiastic about the ABOBCP. His vision has led to his tireless promotion of Organizational and Business Consulting Psychology. He is not only a fine psychologist and academic, but a servant leader in the best sense of the term.

American Board of Rehabilitation Psychology
Awardee: Joseph H. Ricker, PhD, ABPP

Joe Ricker: served on the ABRP for eight years, primarily in the role of Examination Chair. Was exemplary in his responsibilities, vision, and commitment to our specialty.

American Academy & Board of School Psychology
Awardee: Michael Tansy, PhD, ABPP 

Dr. Tansy has served as the President of the ABSP and AASP. He is also on the ABPP Board of Trustees and is the FAC for Division 16. In these roles he has consistently provided outstanding service to the field of school psychology and improved cooperation between our board and academy, APA, and NASP.