2014 Specialty Boards & Academies Awardees

Clinical Health Specialty Board 
Paul J. Hershberger, PhD, ABPP

Clinical Neuropsychology Academy & Specialty Board
Ida Sue Baron, PhD, ABPP

Clinical Specialty Board
Philip G. Levendusky, PhD, ABPP

Cognitive and Behavioral Specialty Board
Christopher R. Martell, PhD, ABPP

Counseling Specialty Board
John T. “Jack” O’Regan, PhD, ABPP

Couple and Family Specialty Board
 Mark Stanton, PhD, ABPP

Forensic Academy & Specialty Board
Edward Rhett Landis, PhD, ABPP 

Organizational and Business Consulting Specialty Board
Dennis Doverspike, PhD, ABPP

Police and Public Safety Board of Directors & Specialty Board
David M. Corey, PhD, ABPP

Rehabilitation Specialty Board
Bruce Caplan, PhD, ABPP

School Academy & Specialty Board
Shelley F. Pelletier, PhD, ABPP