2015 Specialty Board and Academy Awards

Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology Board
Awardee: Daniel M. Cheron, PhD, ABPP

Dr. Cheron attained ABCCAP board certification in February 2014, and he immediately began to volunteer his time to get involved with ABCCAP. He has been trained as an examiner and has already served on an exam committee. In addition, Dr. Cheron recently co-authored an article on ABCCAP for The Specialist. His enthusiasm for, and commitment to, participating in ABCCAP as an early career Specialist are greatly appreciated by the ABCCAP Board of Directors.

Clinical Health Psychology Board and Academy
Awardee: John Robinson, EdD, MPH, ABPP

Dr. Robinson is being recognized by the American Board of Clinical Health Psychology and American Academy of Clinical Health Psychology for his many years of distinguished service on the ABCHP Board of Directors, including a term as board president. He directed substantial revisions of the ABCHP candidate and examiner manuals as well as the board bylaws. He has served as a mentor to many and he has been a champion for diversity and early career psychologists on the board, and he has conducted numerous oral examinations and practice sample reviews. His valuable contributions significantly improved the Board’s ability to effectively evaluate candidates’ competencies in clinical health psychology.

Clinical Neuropsychology Board
Awardee: John A. Lucas, PhD, ABPP

The American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology (ABCN) has unanimously voted to award Dr. John Lucas the ABPP Award for Service to the Specialty of Clinical Neuropsychology. Dr. Lucas served as President of ABCN from 2013 to 2015, and showed distinguished and exemplary leadership as ABCN developed a subspecialty in Pediatric Neuropsychology and participated in the first pilot phase of the new ABPP Maintenance of Certification program. Dr. Lucas’ impact will positively resonate long beyond his presidency.

Clinical Psychology Board
Awardee: Mary Victoria Ingram, PsyD, ABPP

ABCP enthusiastically recognizes Dr. Vicki Ingram for her eight years of exemplary service to the Clinical Board, four of which she served as President (2010-2013). She also served two terms as the ABCP representative to the ABPP BOT. Dr. Ingram is a strong and competent leader who exudes professionalism and strongly adheres to the values of our profession. She is fiercely committed to advancing the mission of board certification as demonstrated through her impressive record of contributions to ABPP. Dr. Ingram’s capacity to mentor and inspire others, and her humility despite her distinguished record of service, are less tangible but nonetheless very important aspects of her leadership style for which the Clinical Board acknowledges and thanks Dr. Ingram.

Couple and Family Psychology Board
Awardee: Gerald P. Koocher, PhD, ABPP

Dr Gerry Koocher is awarded for distinguished service to the Couple and Family Board. Dr Koocher has encouraged numerous applicants to apply, organized and chaired many oral exams, responded to all requests promptly, and managed the board’s finances responsibly as Treasurer. A heartfelt thank you from the Board of Couple and Family Psychology to Dr. Koocher.

Counseling Psychology Board
Awardee: Thaddeus (Ted) Stachowiak, PhD, ABPP

Dr. Stachowiak has ushered numerous folks through the process of becoming board certified (through mentoring, examining, or just listening) and he is constantly advocating for board certification through his efforts with trainees and other early career psychologists. He continues to be a mentor to innumerable professionals who have become board certified, helping all of us better define our roles as board certified counseling psychologists and how to best advocate for our specialty. Dr. Stachowiak is an ambassador for board certification across the entire career trajectory, from early entry to seniors, and mentors superbly at all levels. He has been an important voice in how our specialty area has reconfigured our exam process and in developing the ABCoP’s Periodic Comprehensive Review. Dr. Stachowiak has been influential in all of these roles for many years and his legacy of fairness, wisdom and dedication to our specialty will have lasting effects.

Forensic Psychology Board and Academy
Awardee: Philip H. Witt, PsyD, ABPP

Dr. Witt is the longest-serving member of our examination faculty. One of our colleagues described his service in this way: he has been invaluable to the faculty in terms of work quality, volume (Phil never says, “no,” regardless of what part of the world he is traveling when [sent] an assignment request), timeliness, and flexibility. With his rotation off the faculty following the October 2015 examinations, we will lose a rich resource of experience, knowledge, talent and dedication.

Psychoanalysis Board and Academy
Awardee: Thomas W. Ross, EdD, ABPP

Dr Ross has been a credential reviewer, practice sample co-ordinator, president-elect, president, and past-president of the American Board & Academy of Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Psychology. Dr Ross has ensured the on-going functioning of the Synarchy Group in Psychoanalysis, and led Retreats of the ABAPPP, based upon grants that he was able to secure from the Central Office, as part of the overhaul and rejuvenation associated with Board-building that began in 2011. He has been an important liaison with the Division of Psychoanalysis [39] of the APA. Dr Ross’s leadership was crucial in accomplishing important Board functions such as the completion of the PRC and most recently, the CRSPPP renewal petition that will be voted on by APA Council in August 2015.

Psychoanalysis Board and Academy
Awardee: Dolores O. Morris, PhD, ABPP

Since 1999, Dr Morris has been a board member, serving on oral examinations and as chairperson, president-elect, president (extended one additional year due to resignation of president-elect), past-president, Board of Trustee representative to ABPP and national oral examination chairperson for ABAPPP. She has had the lead responsibility for the Examination Manual with all of its up-dates, developed a power-point presentation, ‘Becoming a Board-Certified Psychoanalyst, Mentor, and Examiner’. As a Board of Trustee representative, she chaired the Diversity Committee which is a standing committee. During this tenure, two standing $1000.00 awards were developed/established: Early Career and Distinguished Dissertation.

Rehabilitation Psychology Board
Awardee: Lester (Les) Butt, PhD, ABPP

The ABRP Board honors our Past President Les Butt. Les participation and leadership on the Board was characterized by vision, integrity, commitment, respect, truthfulness, and humor. We are deeply appreciative.