2017 Bios Specialty Boards & Academies Awardees

In alphabetical order by Specialty Boards & Academies

Council of Presidents of Psychology Specialty Academies

Awardee: Joseph E. Talley, PhD, ABPP

Dr. Joe Talley has honorably served as the Chair Emeritus of CPPSA for many years. In this role, Dr. Talley has shepherded not only CPPSA, but also its leaders, the leadership pipeline, and even several of ABPP’s specialty academies. The CPPSA Executive Committee and Board have greatly benefited from Dr. Talley’s historical knowledge of the profession and ABPP organization. Dr. Talley is the Associate Director of Counseling and Psychological Services at Duke University, a published book author, and leader in counseling psychology. He has been a welcoming and gracious colleague, and he has advanced the mission of ABPP and professional psychology though his exemplary service.

Clinical Neuropsychology Academy & Board

Awardee: Kira E. Armstrong, PhD, ABPP

Dr. Armstrong has spent over a decade in leadership positions serving both the board and academy.  Her contribution to both AACN and ABCN cannot be overstated. Dr. Armstrong was a co-creator and co-administrator of the BRAIN (“Be Ready for Board Certification in Neuropsychology”) Support Group, a wildly popular program that has ushered hundreds of professionals through the challenging ABCN board certification process.  She was lead author the book Board Certification in Clinical Neuropsychology: A Guide to Becoming ABPP/ABCN Without Sacrificing Your Sanity.

Dr. Armstrong was instrumental in creating ABPP’s first subspecialty, pediatric neuropsychology, serving for 7 years in the ABCN Committee Regarding Sub specialization in Neuropsychology. She spent five years as an ABCN oral examiner and is currently serving as a work sample reviewer for the pediatric subspecialty.  Additionally, Dr. Armstrong served on the AACN board of directors from 2008- 2013 and on the AACN Foundation board from 2009-2013.

For the countless hours of hard work she has contributed, for her creativity and optimism in developing new ways to serve specialists and those striving to become specialists, and for her warmth and contagious enthusiasm while doing it all, ABCN and AACN want to take this opportunity to honor Dr. Armstrong.

Clinical Psychology Board

Awardee: Christine M. Dacey, PhD, ABPP

The American Board of Clinical Psychology is recognizing Dr. Christine Dacey for her distinguished leadership and service on behalf of the American Board of Clinical Psychology (ABCP). She served on the Board for a period of eight years, including terms as President, Past-President, Secretary, BOT Representative, MOC Coordinator, and Midwestern Region Exam Coordinator. As President, she skillfully shepherded the Board through its second Periodic Comprehensive Review (PCR). She also initiated the merger between the ABCP Board and the Academy, serving on the Mediation Team and Merger Task Force, representing ABCP. Throughout her service, she earned the respect and admiration of the Board for her wise, balanced, warm, and collaborative approach to leadership. She has worked tirelessly promoting ABCP to students and clinical psychologists. Dr. Dacey exemplifies service, diplomacy, and excellence.

Counseling Psychology Academy & Board

Awardee: Sylvia A. Marotta-Walters, PhD, ABPP

Dr. Marotta-Walters has engaged in exemplary service to both the American Board of Counseling Psychology (ABCoP) and the American Academy of Counseling Psychology (AACoP). Her work as representative on the Board of Trustees, as President of ABCoP, and her significant role in the ABCoP Periodic Comprehensive Review process have all been integral parts of ABCoP and AACoP functioning and growth in recent years. We would like to express our gratitude for her dedication to board certification in Counseling Psychology.

Couple & Family Psychology Board

Awardee: Thomas L Sexton, PhD, ABPP

Tom Sexton is the quintessential Couple and Family Psychologist–likely the Renaissance man of our field. As one of the innovators of a major CFP model, Functional Family Therapy, he has developed FFT through research, teaching, and consultation to the point where it is a widely disseminated, evidence-based model used around the world. Unlike many pioneers, he delved into professional organizations and served as Society President, ABCFP President, Journal editor, while prolifically publishing his work. In addition to his duties during his formal terms of office, he coordinated the renewal of the Couple & Family CRSPP accreditation and served on the APA Presidential Task Force on Evidence-Based Practice in Psychology.

Most notably for ABPP, Tom was instrumental during his tenure as ABCFP President in significantly increasing the number of Board certified ABCFP members, developing initiatives to have all CFP leaders to become board-certified, and increasing the number of ABCFP Board certified psychologists in the Veterans Administration. Whether in Amsterdam or Bloomington, Tom Sexton remains a widely sought-after and respected expert in our field, has consistently represented the best of the ABCFP.

Forensic Psychology Academy & Board

Awardee: Deborah L. Collins, PsyD, ABPP

Dr. Collins has served in various capacities for our ABFP for over 11 years.  Her tireless efforts have greatly improved the certification process for forensic candidates.  A consummate professional, Dr. Collins represents the ideal of dedication and service to our profession.  She deserves to be recognized.

Geropsychology Board

Awardee: Shane S. Bush, PhD, ABPP

Shane Bush is on the Gero-specific credentials committee and now on the ‘marketing’ committee for ABGERO. He has recently become the ABGERO representative to the Aging Leadership and Geropsychology Specialty Council Team. He can always be counted on to assist with ABGERO-related matters. Being boarded in four specialties, he also works very hard to promote the interests of ABPP.

Rehabilitation Psychology

Awardee: Ellen Snoxell, PhD, ABPP

The ABRP Board gratefully and happily honors Dr. Ellen Snoxell. In her two terms of service as a Board member, secretary, credentials reviewer, and Pipeline manager, Dr. Snoxell instituted processes that led to broader inclusiveness and increased transparency in Board operations, while introducing a mentoring model into many aspects of Board functioning. Dr. Snoxell created the vision of the practice sample review team as a mentoring opportunity for additional Board responsibilities. She designed a model that restructured Board roles around the whole of the examination process. Dr. Snoxell’s efforts did not stop with the Board; her individualized attention to each of the candidates earned her the title “shepherdess of the Pipeline.” Dr. Snoxell’s commitment to ABRP continues in her current service as the ABRP rep to the BOT.

School Psychology Academy

Awardee: Judith Kaufman, PhD, ABPP

Judith Kaufman has been a tireless advocate in serving both the American Board of School Psychology (ABSP) and the American Academy of School Psychology (AASP), has held nearly every office on both boards, and has been a mentor or an examiner for numerous applicants. Judith’s commitment to the certification process is unparalleled, as she actively recruits others to seek out board certification and is diligent in her commitment to AASP and ABPP. Moreover, she has helped to guide several newly certified school psychologists into leadership positions in AASP, thus helping to ensure continuity and enthusiastic recruitment of applicants. Judith is truly a cornerstone of board certification of school psychologists.