2018 Bios Specialty Boards & Academies Awardees

In alphabetical order by Specialty Boards & Academies

Clinical Neuropsychology Academy & Board

Awardee: Cheryl Weinstein, PhD, ABPP

Dr. Weinstein has chaired AACN’s Board Certification Promotion Committee for the last several years. Her organization and outreach efforts to engage students and professionals has been tireless and extremely fruitful. She has put her committee to work on several fronts providing education to undergraduate and graduate level trainees about the importance of ABPP board certification in Clinical Neuropsychology. She has sought grant funding for advertising in the United States and Canada, all oriented toward engaging practitioners in the ABPP board certification process. She has partnered with AACN’s Diversity Committee to ensure that the message gets out individuals from all backgrounds. The mentorship programs she has put in place for graduate students seeking a career in clinical neuropsychology have engaged so many trainees that we are having trouble finding enough mentors! All in all, Dr. Weinstein’s efforts to promote awareness of and engagement in the ABPP board certification process have been outstanding.

Clinical Psychology Board & Academy

Awardee: Alina Suris, PhD, ABPP

The American Board of Clinical Psychology (ABCP) is recognizing Dr. Alina Suris for her distinguished leadership and service. She served on the ABCP Board for a period of eight years, including terms as President, Past President, Vice President, BOT Representative, and Intermountain Region Exam Coordinator. She also served as Secretary of the ABPP Board of Trustees for two years and was the first Chair of the ECP Task Force for ABPP. Dr. Suris worked with the ABPP Central Office to establish the use of SharePoint to conduct board business and create an efficient common document storage base. She developed and posted slide presentations for workshops to be given across the country to promote board certification, and she presented many of these workshops locally and nationally. She mentored many ABPP candidates and new board members throughout her terms of service. As President of ABCP, she co-authored a successful second Periodic Comprehensive Review (PCR). She was Chair of the ABCP/AACP Merger Task Force and member of the ABCP/AACP Mediation Committee. Throughout her service, she has earned the respect and admiration of the Board for her visionary leadership, commitment to excellence, hard work, and collaborative approach.

Couple & Family Psychology Academy & Board

Awardee: G. Andrews Benjamin, PsyD, JD, ABPP

Dr. Benjamin has gone above and beyond the usual requirements as President of the American Board of Couple & Family Psychology for three years. He has brought his vast expertise in the fields of law and psychology and leadership in APA to facilitate greater collaboration between our Board and Academy and to significantly increase the number of ABCFP applicants during his tenure. In addition, he has assiduously provided leadership and monitored every aspect of the functioning of the board.

Geropsychology Board

Awardee: Andrew Heck, PhD, ABPP

Dr. Heck is a founding board member who has worked steadily for the advancement of the geropsychology specialty as an examiner and as the main author of the Policy and Procedures manual. Over the last years, he has also been the chair of the ABGERO Oral Examination Selection & Evaluation Subcommittee helping to determine where to test our candidates. This year, he laid the groundwork for conducting oral examinations locally and successfully coordinated our first regional examination in Boston.

Psychoanalysis Academy & Board

Awardee: Jon Mills, PhD, ABPP

Dr. Mills has worked tirelessly for over a decade to promote the specialty of psychoanalysis in the public sphere and to ensure that it is practiced at the highest level of competency. More than this, he has single handedly initiated a number of projects on behalf of the board that have brought greater recognition of our specialty as well as raised the bar in terms of psychoanalytic scholarship and clinical practice.