2021 Specialty Boards & Academies Awardees

In alphabetical order by Specialty Boards & Academies

Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology

Awardees: Greta Francis, PhD, ABPP & Jarrod Leffler, PhD, ABPP

The American Board of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology (ABCCAP) is recognizing Dr. Jarrod Leffler and Dr. Greta Francis for their distinguished leadership and service. Drs. Leffler and Francis are to be commended for their many years of exemplary service to the ABCCAP Board, including terms as President, Past President, President Elect, Exam Coordinator, Senior Exam Coordinator, and Credential Reviewer.  Dr. Leffler has also served as Chair of Marketing, represented ABCCAP on taskforces responsible for developing national training guidelines, and is the current ABCCAP BOT representative.  ABCCAP is grateful for Dr. Francis’s development of ABCCAP’s maintenance of certification policies as well as mentorship of numerous ABPP candidates and board members throughout her terms of service.  Both have generously volunteered their time on examination committees and to present on board certification locally and nationally.  As Presidents of ABCCAP, they co-authored a successful second Periodic Comprehensive Review (PCR). Throughout their service, they have earned the respect and admiration of the Board for their visionary leadership, commitment to excellence, hard work, and collaborative approach.

Clinical Neuropsychology Board and Academy

Awardee: Rob Davis, PhD, ABPP

Dr. Davis shared his simultaneous expertise in neuropsychology and IT with the ABCN and the AACN to develop a process to deliver oral exams virtually and to hold our annual conference virtually with both synchronous and asynchronous options. This allowed us to continue to certify candidates during the pandemic as well as provide academy members with professional contact and continuing education credit. We are deeply appreciative of his commitment to our academy.

Clinical Psychology

Awardee: Catherine (Kitty) Deering, PhD, ABPP

The American Board of Clinical Psychology is recognizing Dr. Catherine Deering for her distinguished leadership and service on behalf of the American Board of Clinical Psychology (ABCP).  Serving on the Board for eight years, she has greatly advanced the mission of the Board during her terms as President, Past-President, and Southeastern Region Exam Coordinator. As President, she expertly guided the Board through its assumption of Academy responsibilities, with particular emphasis on welcoming, mentoring, and consulting with new Board members developing and maturing those Academy function.  As Southeastern Regional Coordinator, she guided and developed her Region’s examiners with warmth, patience, and superb knowledge, and was a superb model and consultant for new Regional Coordinators as they joined the Board. As Past President, Dr. Deering has been a welcoming and highly valued consultant to the current Board leaders, and has jumped in with great enthusiasm to serve on several important committees furthering the Board’s work.  Throughout her service, she earned the respect and admiration of the Board for her wise, balanced, warm, and collaborative approach to all Board activities.  Dr. Deering is the epitome of tireless service, dedication, and excellence in leadership.

Counseling Psychology Board

Awardee: Sharon Bowman, PhD, ABPP

Sharon is an active member of the counseling psychology board including: ABCoP board member and President; representative to ABPP BOT; Presented on specialty board certification–both generally (e.g., at the National Multicultural Summit) and specifically (at APA for SCP/Div17); Has served on numerous exams; Has served as a mentor to numerous candidates; and Active recruiter through APA/SCP for board certification.

Forensic Psychology Board and Academy

Awardee: Maureen L. Reardon, PhD, ABPP

Dr. Reardon has demonstrated distinguished service and collaborative leadership to ABFP and AAFP. Dr. Reardon served on the ABFP Board of Directors from 2013-2019, including as President in 2019 and various committees, and has presented on numerous occasions for AAFP’s continuing education workshops. Currently, Dr. Reardon is Co-Chair of Continuing Education for AAFP, which it vital to the mission of both AAFP and ABFP.


Awardee: Susan Krauss Whitbourne, PhD, ABPP

Dr. Whitbourne has provided exceptional service to the American Board of Geropsychology, spanning multiple years and board activities. As former treasurer, current president-elect, and an ongoing examiner, Dr. Whitbourne has consistently served with the highest level of professionalism and distinction.

Group Psychology

Awardee: Joel Frost, EdD, ABPP

Dr. Frost’s contributions: founding member ABGP; former president; BOT rep; treasurer; led diversity effort; aligned ABGP with BOT; led first PCR; co-led website; led Academy/Board merger; collaborated Division 49 and American Grp Psychotherapy to secure recognition by CRSPPP; and helped with recruitment and examinations. Without his multiple contributions and exemplary leadership, ABGP would not be a leading specialty within ABPP. He is unanimously endorsed by our board for this award.

Police & Public Safety Psychology

Awardee: Herbert Gupton, PhD, ABPP

Dr. Gupton has been a police, public safety, and military psychologist for over 33 years. He was on the ABPPSP Board of Directors for nine years, and instrumental in founding the Board. His mentorship and training of professionals is reflected in his founding of the Dr. Eileen M. Gupton Memorial Scholarship Fund to promote ECPs’ application for board certification in PPSP. His commitment to the ABPPSP is well noted as he has examined over half of the current ABPPSP Specialists.

School Psychology

Awardee: Shelley Pelletier, PhD, ABPP

The American Board of School Psychology can think of no one more deserving of this award than Dr. Shelley Pelletier. She has served on both the AASP and ABSP boards since 2005 including president of both boards and has been our school psychology representative on the ABPP Board of Trustees since 2014. Her term on the BOT ends this year. Her dedication, service, wisdom, and guidance have been invaluable to our Board. We offer her our sincere gratitude for all she has done for us.