State Requirements for CE

Please verify with the state psychology board; requirements change periodically and those listed below do not identify specific content areas that may be required.

State Credits Year Deadline
September 30
June 30, odd-numbered years
StateCreditsYearDeadline StateCreditsYearDeadline
Alabama201October 15 Montana402December 31, year based on license number
Alaska402June 30, odd-numbered years Nebraska242January 1, odd
Arizona402Year based on license number & birth month Nevada302December 31, even
Arkansas201July 1 New Hampshire402Renewal
California362Renewal New Jersey402June 30, odd
Colorado402August 31, odd New Mexico402July 1
Connecticut101Renewal New York363Renewal
Delaware402July 31, odd North Carolina242October 1, even
District of Columbia302December 31, odd North Dakota402October 1
Florida402May 31, even Ohio232September 30, even
Georgia402December 31, even Oklahoma201December 31
Hawaii182June 30, even Oregon402Year based on license number and birth month
Idaho201Renewal Pennsylvania302November 30, odd
Illinois242September 30, even Puerto Rico453Renewal
Indiana402August 31, even Rhode Island242June 30
Iowa402June 30, even South Carolina242Renewal
Kansas502June 30, even South Dakota402June 30
Kentucky393Renewal Tennessee402December 31
Louisiana402June 30, year based on license number Texas402End of birth month
Maine402April 30 Utah482September 30, even
Maryland402March 31, year based on license number Vermont602Renewal
Massachusetts202June 30, even Virginia141June 30
Michigan302August 31 Washington603Birth date
Minnesota402Renewal West Virginia202Renewal
Mississippi202June 30, odd Wisconsin402September 30, odd
Missouri402November 30, odd renewal Wyoming302June 30

ABPP cannot guarantee that every jurisdiction approves all CE. It is the responsibility of each psychologist to determine any limits their state licensing board may impose on home study, distance learning, etc.