2022 Awardees

Congratulations to our 2022 awardees

The ABPP Distinguished Service to the Profession Award

Rosie Phillips Davis, PhD, ABPP

Rosie Phillips Davis, PhD, ABPP, 2019 American Psychological Association President; Professor of Counseling Psychology at the University of Memphis.

Davis’ scholarship focuses on the power of inclusion, multicultural vocational psychology, ethics and living well in a diverse society. She has served on the editorial boards of several journals, the authored numerous articles, and book chapters and has co-edited two books. She is a co-founder of APA’s Biennial National Multicultural Conference and Summit.
Davis’ professional awards include the APA Award for Distinguished Contributions to Institutional Practice, Janet E. Helms Award for Mentoring and Scholarship, the Tennessee Psychological Association Len Handler Award for Distinguished Research Psychologist, two APA Presidential Citations, and the Leona Tyler Award for Lifetime Achievement in Counseling Psychology.

The Russell J. Bent Award

The Distinguished Service & Contributions to the American Board of Professional Psychology
Alina M. Suris, PhD, ABPP

Dr. Alina Suris was a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. She also recently retired from the Veterans Affairs North Texas Health Care System where she was the Chief of Psychology and a funded Senior Research Psychologist. She has several research interests and publications including the nosology of mental illness with a focus on PTSD, the assessment and treatment of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) and combat and disaster-related PTSD, and evidence-based and novel interventions for treating PTSD. She has won many awards for her research including the Gerald R. Klerman NARSAD Young Investigator Award and the George Winokur Award, twice. She is the Past President of the American Board of Clinical Psychology and served on the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees of the American Board of Professional Psychology for five years. She was the first chair of the Early Career Psychologist Committee, chairing several committees for the Clinical Board and served as their National Examination Coordinator as well. She also served as the Clinical Trustee to ABPP for eight years. Dr. Suris is a Fellow of Division 18 of the American Psychological Association, being recognized for her contributions to the understanding of Military Sexual Trauma (MST) and evidence-based treatment of women and men with PTSD.

ABPP Early Career Psychology Service Award

Leonardo J. Caraballo, PsyD, ABPP

Leonardo J. Caraballo, PsyD, ABPP, is an inpatient psychologist for Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry for Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. He received his doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology from La Salle University in 2013. He is board certified in Clinical Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). He serves as the Vice-President, Treasurer, Academy Membership Director, and Mentorship Coordinator for the American Board of Clinical Psychology and as the Early Career Psychologist Trustee for ABPP. He also serves on APA’s Membership Board and is a past President of the Arizona Psychological Association.

Arthur M. Nezu Diversity Dissertation Award

Diana M. Diaków, PhD

Humanitarian workers’ perspectives on mental health and resilience of refugee youth: implications for school psychology

Diana Diaków is a Polish-Ukrainian multilingual psychologist, humanitarian aid worker, and global mental health scholar who earned her PhD in School Psychology from the University of Montana. Clinically, Diana specializes in trauma-informed and culturally responsive family and child mental health interventions and assessments and has gained her experience in schools, refugee camps,  community mental health, crisis and residential care settings across eight countries. Diana is an alumna of Utah Regional Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental And Related Disabilities Program focused on interprofessional healthcare, as well as The Global Mental Health: Trauma and Recovery Program from Harvard Medical School. Diana’s research interests include refugees’ mental health and resilience, multilingualism, and social justice. As a Mental Health and Psychosocial Support humanitarian aid worker and trainer, Diana has done extensive field work to support forcibly displaced persons in Central and South-Eastern Europe, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean regions, Colombia, and the USA. Diana is a linguist specialized in Arabic with 10 years of teaching experience across seven different languages.

Early Career Psychology Diversity Award

Maria Agustina Rossetti, PhD, ABPP

Dr. Maria Agustina Rossetti, PhD, ABPP is a certified bilingual adult neuropsychologist and Assistant Professor of Neurology at the University of Virginia.  She is a native Spanish-speaker from Argentina. From early on in her training, she was determined to make cross-cultural neuropsychology an important and central part of her career, and she enjoys supporting and caring for Spanish-speaking patients as she reflects upon her own journey as an immigrant and multicultural individual. Dr. Rossetti is a member of the department’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. Additionally, she is actively involved in UVA’s Latinx Employee Resource Group and a local non-profit organization that supports and serves the immigrant Hispanic community in Charlottesville, Virginia. She has a specific clinical interest in dementias and movement disorders, particularly Huntington’s disease, and is involved in Factor-H, a not-for-profit organization that aims to diminish the suffering of people affected by Huntington’s Disease living in conditions of extreme vulnerability in Latin America. 

ABPP Citizen Psychologist for Social Justice Award

Adeyinka M. Akinsulure-Smith, PhD, ABPP

Adeyinka M. Akinsulure-Smith, Ph.D., ABPP, is a licensed psychologist who is originally from Sierra Leone. She is Board Certified in Group Psychology by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). A tenured Professor in the Department of Psychology at the City College of New York, the City University of New York (CUNY) and at the Graduate Center, CUNY, she has cared for forced migrants, as well as survivors of torture, armed conflict, and human rights abuses from around the world at the Bellevue Program for Survivors of Torture since 1999. 

Recognition of Newly Board Certified Specialists 7/1/21-7/1/2022

2022 Awardees & Newly Board Certified Specialists
Behavioral & Cognitive Psychology
Rosalita C. Benedicto, PhD
Amara Brook, PhD
Marla W. Deibler, PsyD
Michelle Drapkin, PhD
Lisa S. Elwood, PhD
Anna Vladimirovna Fedotova, PsyD
Milagros Gargurevich, PhD
Rachel E. Hershenberg, PhD
Kallio Hunnicutt-Ferguson, PhD
Kimberly Kroeger-Geoppinger, PsyD
Agnes Lenda, PsyD
Nathaniel Joseph Lombardi, PhD
Alma Teresa dela Cruz Molino, PhD
John Moring, PhD
Timothy P. Pagano, PhD
Deirdre Paulson-O'Donovan, PhD
Jennifer Schwartz, PhD
Audrey Sessions, PsyD
Victoria Smith, PhD
Jordan N. Soper, PsyD
Monika M. Stojek, PhD
Casey L. Straud, PsyD
Michael J. Toohey, PsyD
Hannah C. Tyler, PhD
Katherine Veazey Morris, PhD
Talia R. Wiesel, PhD

Clinical Psychology
Justin C. Baker, PhD
Paul S. Benveniste, PhD
Lynn F. Bufka, PhD
Debra Chen, PhD
Matthew Ryan Chester, PhD
Carol C. Christofilis, PsyD
Audrey A. Cleary, PhD
Brett Anthony Dodd, Jr, PsyD
Carissa Dwiwardani, PhD
Noah Epstein, PhD
Michael Brian Finegan, PhD
Alexis N. Fletes, PsyD
Irina Gelman, PsyD
Ashley Marie Gemberling, PsyD
Elise M. Gibbs, PsyD
Satinder K. Gill, PsyD
Christopher Glowacki, PsyD
Michael Goldman, PhD
Nicholas E. Grant, PhD
Joshua Harrison, PsyD
Amy Leigh Henninger, PsyD
Danielle R. Jahn, PhD
Jodi Lynn Johnson, PsyD
Tess Mone't Kilwein, PhD
Gretchen Elizabeth Kirk, PhD

Clinical Psychology cont.
Donna LaPaglia, PsyD
Erin Nicole Larroque, PsyD
Erica D Marshall Lee, PhD
Holloway Noel Marston, PsyD
Ivoryee D. Martin, PsyD
Robert Miranda, Jr., PhD
Jose A. Miranda, PsyD
Bryan D. Morris, PsyD
Anne Murphy, PhD
Kate B. Nooner, PhD
Nnamdi Ohaeri, PsyD
Anthony Pisani, PhD
Adriana Restrepo, PsyD
Julianne Y. Richard, PhD
Garrick Keilan Rickard, PhD
Stephen Russell, PhD
Scott Santos, PsyD
Ashley Marie Shenberger, PsyD
Ana Silva, PsyD
Tracey L. Smith, PhD
Brianna Staley Shumaker, PhD
Nathan Sudbeck, PsyD
Kayla K. Thayer, PhD
Joshua E. Turchan, PhD
Marissa M. Wachlarowicz, PhD
Silvestro Menzano Weisner, PhD
Erica S. White, PhD
Ann Marie Williams, PhD
Traci Williams, PsyD
A. Joradan Wright, PhD

Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology
Rose M. Alvarez-Salvat, PhD
Johanna L. Carpenter, PhD
Mary Jo Coiro, PhD
William Frye, PhD
Katherine A. Gallagher, PhD
Lauren M. Gardner, PhD
Jasmine Ghannadpour, PhD
Brittany L. Gresl, PhD
Courtney M. Hale, PhD
Yasuko Y. Landrum, PhD
Danae J. Beattie Lund, PhD
Sarah R. McCarthy, PhD
Sheila Z. Modir, PhD
Emily C. Kutner Mudd, PhD
Lissette M. Perez-Lima, PhD
Stevie Puckett-Perez, PhD
Shana M. Wilson Schuler, PhD
Jocelyn Stokes, PhD
Amy West, PhD

Clinical Health Psychology
John A. Blue Star, PhD
Heather M. Bruschwein, PsyD
Casey Cavanagh, PhD
Jodi Lynn Ceballos, PsyD
Shawn M.Coyne, PhD
Coda C. Derrig, PhD
Andrew Dunkle, PhD
Deirdra Frum-Vassallo, PsyD
Kelli-Lee Harford, PhD
Dagoberto Heredia, Jr., PhD
Grace S. Kao, PhD
Valerie J. Keffala, PhD
Benjamin Keizer, PhD
Hana Kim, PhD
Nkaku Kisaalita, PhD
Jane Liu, PhD
Jenna N. Oppenheim, PsyD
Megan L. Petrik, PhD
Mona A Robbins, PhD
Eleni Maria Romano, PhD
Georgeann Iacono Russell, PhD
Dyani Juanita Saxby, PhD
Laura S. Shultz, PsyD
Soumitri Sil, PhD
Michelle L. Smith, PhD
Tara C. Steinberg, PhD
Meredith Williamson, PhD

Clinical Neuropsychology
Samantha Allison, PhD
Kathleen A. Breslin, PsyD
Kaitlin B. Casaletto, PhD
Erika Clark, PhD
Alison M. Colbert, PhD
Nickolas A. Dasher, PhD
Katherine Denny, PhD
Heather England, PhD
Eduardo Estevis, PhD
Robin Garrett, PhD
Rebecca Gavett, PhD
Matthew G. Hall, PhD
Andrew Heitzer, PhD
Andrew Kiselica, PhD
Jason E. Kisser, PhD
Katherine Kitchen Andren, PhD
Taylor Kuhn, PhD
Kimberly E. Lanni, PhD
Kristina E. Patrick, PhD
Sarah Powell, PhD
Anthony R. Rinaldi, PsyD

Clinical Neuropsychology cont.
Erik N. Ringdahl, PhD
David M. Scarisbrick, PhD
William Schultz, PhD
Carleen Graham Schwimmer, PsyD
Rachel Baek Song, PhD
Jada J. Stewart-Willis, PhD
John Stratton, PhD
Jennifer Travis Seidl, PhD
Lauren H. Warren-Faricy, PhD
Troy Alan Webber, PhD
Torricia Yamada, PhD

Pediatric Clinical Neuropsychology Subspecialty
Jill M. Dorflinger, PhD
Susannah K. Hughes, PhD
Brian C.Kavanaugh, PsyD
Amanda R. Lucchetti, PsyD
Lisa J. Nippoldt-Baca, PsyD
Joanna B. Peters, PsyD
Vilija Petrauskas, PhD
Danielle M. Ploetz, PhD
Annette E. Richard, PhD
Gregory A. Witkin, PhD

Counseling Psychology
Wafa Amayreh, PhD
Seth Green, PhD
Claire E. Haedike
Megan Hardesty, PsyD
Brittney Imholte
Krystelle Jean-Michel, PhD
Soonhee Lee, PhD
Shavonne J. Morre-Lobban, PhD
Leah F. Power, PhD
George T. Stegeman, Jr., PhD
Melanie M. Wilcox, PhD

Couple and Family Psychology
Caroline Daravi, PsyD
Matthew David Johnson, PhD
Kara Lee Klingspon, PhD
Chad Thomas Lorenz, PsyD
Heather Kemp Poma, PsyD
Terence Singh, PhD

Forensic Psychology
Christen Carson, PhD
Jeff Burnett, PhD
Laura G. Kirsch, PhD
Carlo A. Giacomoni, PsyD
Jennifer H. McAllister, PsyD
Meghan K. McBrearty, PhD
Megan M. Paris, PsyD
Brie Pileggi-Valleen, PsyD
Sebastian Rilen, PsyD
Benjamin J. Silber, PhD

Jennifer Aeling, PhD
Eric H. Berko, PhD
Jennifer A. Birdsall, PhD
Angela Dawn Coriano, PsyD
Melissa Snarski Cyrus, PhD
Candice Daniel, PhD
Angelo Giolzetti, PsyD
Erin Rose Kube, PhD
Adam Michael Lewis, PhD
Lisa M. Lind, PhD
Elizabeth A. Maloney, PhD
Lauren G. Masuda, PsyD
Jesse A. McPherron, PhD
John Merladet, PhD
Steven C. Pote, PhD
Nicole M. Reynolds, PsyD
Kristy D. Shoji, PhD

Group Psychology
Vincent Dehili, PhD
Abby K. McCabe, PhD

Organizational & Business Consulting Psychology
Jimmie J. Butcher, PhD
Karen Eberwein, PsyD
Tamara S. Lyn, PhD
Chad E. Morrow, PsyD
Jeremy J. Noble, PhD
Joseph S. Pachman, PhD
Jennifer H. Patterson, PhD
Katherine E. Pierce, PsyD

Police & Public Safety Psychology
Krista L. Dettle, PhD
Christopher Sbaratta, PhD
Nathan Thompson, PsyD

Geoffrey D. Goodman, PhD
Daniel Paul Charles Knauss, PsyD
Richard Sternberg, PsyD

Rehabilitation Psychology
Kirsten M. Allen, PsyD
Abigail S. Hardin, PhD
Chelsea M. Kane, PsyD
Gianna Locascio, PsyD
Charlotte A. Sykora, PhD

School Psychology
Jonelle D. Ensign, PhD
Joel B. Winnick, PhD