Early Entry Application

EARLY ENTRY APPLICATION is used by students or graduates who:
  • Not licensed as a psychologist at the independent, doctoral level.
  • Must either be a student in, or have graduated from, an APA or CPA-accredited or ASPPB/NR Designated doctoral program in psychology.
  • Application fee $25

Additional information regarding the ASPPB Credentials Bank information can be accessed here:  ASPPB Credentials Bank 

As you acquire the below generic materials, submit them to ASPPB PSY|PRO system:

  • Official Graduate/Doctoral Transcripts. Must be sent directly to ASPPB from the Institution.
  • Documentation of Completion of Internship. A copy of your internship completion certificate or a letter from the internship director indicating completion.
  • Documentation of Post-Doctoral Experience. A copy of your post-doc completion certificate or a letter from the post-doc director indicating completion; if it is not a formal post-doc, then a letter from your supervisor(s) indicating the extent and nature of your supervised experience.
  • Licensure at the Independent Doctoral Level of Practice. Your license number and state in which you are licensed and/or a copy of your license.

The ASPPB PSY|PRO system can be accessed and logged into directly. Click HERE.

Once the above generic materials are submitted to ASPPB PSY|PRO system, the applicant must request ASPPB to email the materials to ABPP.   ABPP will notify the applicant; refer them to the Learn About Specialty Boards page to find the Specialty Board and go to the specialty board’s Document Library.  The Specialty Specific application and other necessary items will be listed, if you have questions, please email: office@abpp.org.

To Begin ABPP Early Entry Application.  *Remember* if applying as an Early Entry applicant, upload your information to ASPPB PSY|PRO .