Organizational & Business

Organizational and business consulting psychology is the application of psychological principles in providing services to and within organizations seeking to build individual employee, team, and total organizational performance aligned with business (profit and non–profit) mission, strategy and priorities. Psychologists work in the private sector, private practice, public sector, government, military, and education to deliver science–based assessment, evaluation, and strategies to improve workplace performance.

Organizational and Business Consulting Psychologists demonstrate competence in areas such as industrial or personnel psychology, psychology of groups/teams/and leadership, organizational psychology and organizational development, consulting psychology, occupational health psychology, coaching psychology, national security/intelligence/and military psychology, and managerial, leadership and administrative psychology.

The American Board of Organizational and Business Consulting Psychology (ABOBCP) is a member Specialty Board of the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). Board certification in OBCP assures the public and the profession that psychologists engaged in organizational, leadership, and consulting practice have successfully completed the Specialty’s education, training, and experience requirements including an examination designed to assess the competencies required to provide quality services in the Specialty.