Welcome Letter from the Specialty Board President

Jessica Parker


Greetings and welcome from the American Board of Organizational and Business Consulting Psychology (OBCP). We appreciate your interest in OBCP.
Our community of OBCP specialists work in the private and public sectors of business, academia, consulting firms, independent practice, government, and military. Their work emphasizes organizational consultation, executive coaching, leadership and improving work performance. There is no one educational path or degree, credential, work setting, or practice area that defines the OBCP specialist.  Some of our specialists trained as industrial and organizational psychologists. Others began in clinical, counseling, or educational practice and transitioned at some point in their careers from traditional healthcare delivery to developing, for example, assessment and selection systems for hiring panels or running leadership development programs.
We consider the diverse backgrounds and career paths of our specialists a strength of our Board. We also recognize that for those interested in seeking OBCP board certification, it may raise the question, “am I qualified for OBCP?” If you are a licensed psychologist whose work is focused on workplace effectiveness, this may be the board for you. Please consult the Examination Manual for details.
Whether you are an early career professional or well established in your professional journey, we invite you to consider OBCP board certification and look forward to supporting you in the process. One way that we engage interested OBCP candidates is through connection with an OBCP specialist for mentorship and coaching.
Please review the documents included on our website and do not hesitate to reach out to myself or any of our board members with questions. Our full contact information is located here.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.
Warm regards,
Jessica Parker, PsyD, ABPP
President, American Board of Organizational and Business Consulting Psychology