Specialty Specific Requirements 

Organizational & Business Consulting Psychology

In the initial application, the Candidate should provide evidence that they have obtained a level of competence expected of a Candidate for the ABOBCP in at least 3 of the following areas (or 2 if you are applying in the senior option). Normally, this would translate into completion of an internship or the equivalent year of pre- or post-doctoral supervised experience in setting(s) appropriate for preparation in this specialty. Additionally, the applicant must provide evidence such as coursework, continuing education and/or retraining and a total of 2 years postdoctoral experience in at least 3 of 11 ACPs (2 for senior psychologists) defined for in this specialty. They may of course indicate a greater number of areas of competency, although the oral examination can be more focused.

At the application stage, such competency can be demonstrated through:

  • An appropriate degree
  • Academic coursework
  • Continuing education
  • Retraining
  • Pre-doctoral experience
  • Post doctoral experience
  • Post licensure experience and/or supervision (a minimum  of 2 years)