Certification Benefits

Differentiation From Other Providers

  • Especially in forensic or medical settings.
  • “Street cred” in certain settings, e.g., hospitals and courts.
  • Marketing your services.


  • Mobility for licensure
  • Specialty listservs provide easy access to leaders in the field and a practice community to rely on for best practices and relevant research.
  • Source of referrals from specialty listservs.
  • Many Specialty Boards have associated Academies that provide education and advocacy.

Enhance Your Employment Situation

  • Pay increases in some settings (e.g., DoD and VA).
  • Required by some employers (e.g., Mayo Clinic).


Service Opportunities

  • Opportunity to serve on boards and committees and work on important initiatives in psychology with like-minded colleagues.

Continuing Education (CEs)

  • After obtaining your ABPP.
  • After serving as an oral examiner for your Specialty Board’s oral exams.
  • After serving as a practice sample reviewer for your Specialty Board.
  • Free webinars from The Trust for Board Certified Psychologists.