Welcome Letter from the Specialty Board President

Doug Bodin, PhD, ABPP

Welcome to the Clinical Neuropsychology section of the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) website. Whether you are a trainee, an established professional who is interested in pursuing board certification, a member of the public looking for a specialist to assist you, or someone who is interested in learning more about the field of clinical neuropsychology in general, we hope to provide the information that you need. As you explore the pages, documents, and other informational resources available at this website, you will learn about the science and practice of clinical neuropsychology, as well as the training and education standards that are required for board certification in clinical neuropsychology.

The American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology (ABCN) is a specialty board of the American Board of Professional Psychology. The mission of ABCN is to develop and implement a peer review and examination process that evaluates the training and competencies required for specialty practice in clinical neuropsychology. ABCN and ABPP provide the public with a means of identifying those who have successfully attained board certification in clinical neuropsychology. It is our goal for all qualified neuropsychologists to complete the board certification process.

Clinical Neuropsychologists who become board certified by ABCN are also invited to join the American Academy of Clinical Neuropsychology (AACN). This organization, comprised of board-certified specialists and other affiliate members, strives to provide professional education activities, create consensus on important issues of the field, inform public policy, and lead the way in advocacy efforts. Additional resources, including those developed to support candidates through the board certification examination process, can be found at the AACN website.

On behalf of the ABCN board of directors, we hope that you will find our organization and members to be welcoming, open, and embracing of diversity and justice. Please do not hesitate to contact me, or a board-certified neuropsychologist near you, should you have any questions regarding clinical neuropsychology or the ABCN board-certification process. Best regards,

Doug Bodin, PhD, ABPP President,
American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology