Welcome Letter from the Specialty Board President

David DeMatteo, JD, PhD, ABPP

Welcome to the American Board of Forensic Psychology (ABFP) homepage. ABFP is a small, all-volunteer, non-profit organization that serves the public by promoting high-quality forensic psychological services. We accomplish this by certifying psychologists who demonstrate a high level of competence in applying the science, technology, and theoretical principles of psychology to matters of law. All psychologists board-certified by ABPP as forensic specialists have passed a rigorous examination process involving a thorough credential review, comprehensive written examination, expert review of their work product, and an in-depth 3-hour oral examination conducted by a panel of experienced forensic specialists.

Many specialists reflect on the process of obtaining board certification as improving their practice and enhancing their sense of professional identity and responsibility. As an added benefit to board certification, all ABPP forensic specialists are invited to become Fellows of the American Academy of Forensic Psychology (AAFP). AAFP is the academic branch of ABFP that promotes high standards of specialized forensic practice, research, and consultation through the provision of high-quality Continuing Education workshops. AAFP Fellows also have a unique opportunity to interact with and learn from other experts in the field on a closed listserv. 

I am honored to serve as the 2023 President of this distinguished and dedicated group of professional psychologists. Please contact me or our officers if you have any questions about forensic psychology, our organization, or the board certification process.

David DeMatteo, JD, PhD, ABPP (Forensic)
President, American Board of Forensic Psychology