Specialty Specific Requirements


Postdoctoral education and training in psychoanalysis is defined as:

  • Completion of a program from a recognized postdoctoral psychoanalytic training institute  OR
  • Organized postdoctoral program in psychoanalysis  OR
  • Education and training secured through a planned, individualized sequence of education, supervision, and practice acceptable to the ABAPsa Board  AND
  • Demonstration of acceptable evidence that following education and training in psychoanalysis of a practice in psychoanalysis.  The applicant’s practice includes a sufficient number of cases in psychoanalysis.

Note 1:  For any of the education and training option qualifications selected by the applicant, the course of education and training must be verifiable and consist of at least a minimum of three years of organized study in psychoanalysis, supervised analysis of a minimum of two patients for a minimum of two years, and a personal analysis.

Note 2:  Applicants with 15 years of experience post-licensure with a minimum of 10 years experience post graduation from a psychoanalytic training program or equivalent may qualify for a Senior Option to submit a modification of the practice sample in place of the “case analysis” practice sample.  The practice sample requirements are altered to reflect distinctive practice patterns resulting from extended professional experience such as published books, articles in refereed journals; research; development of analytic training programs and or development of creative programs within them which makes a significant or meaningful contribution to psychoanalysis as well as furthering the acceptance of psychoanalysis in the broader community.  Please see, Senior Option page under Application Types.