Specialty Specific Requirements

Behavioral & Cognitive Psychology

  • Candidates should have documented coursework in behavioral and cognitive psychology during their graduate or post doctoral training, which can be supplemented by post doctoral Continuing Education activities.

  • The applicant is required to have completed an acceptable internship program (e.g., an APA accredited or APPIC member internship) and a one-year formal post-doctoral training experience predominantly in Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology OR two years of professional experience primarily in behavioral and cognitive psychology.

  • Documentation of relevant behavioral and cognitive psychology experience is represented by having been supervised in Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology. In some cases supervision that is not part of a formal doctoral program can be substituted.

  • Because the practice of Behavioral and Cognitive Psychology is multifaceted, candidates may apply (and be examined) in one or more of four areas of emphasis. These areas include: Applied Behavior Analysis, Behavior Therapy, Behavioral-Cognitive Therapy, Cognitive Therapy. Although your self-identification may be in one of these specific areas, it is expected that applicants are conversant in broad-based cognitive and behavioral psychology.

  • The board recognizes that not all of your experience is exclusively in behavioral and cognitive psychology. However, it is expected that you will belong to, and self-identify with, one or more of the major professional organizations in behavioral and cognitive psychology.