Specialty Specific Requirements

Clinical Psychology

In addition to the generic foundation requirements, the Clinical  Psychology specialty requires completion of an organized doctoral education and training program in Professional Psychology, which includes an internship. The specialty also requires postdoctoral supervised practice and experience in the specialty. Please refer to the Document Library for more detailed information.

The specialty’s specific program requirements are met if:

  • The doctoral degree program was in Professional Psychology from a program accredited by the APA or CPA.
  • The doctoral degree program qualifies as equivalent to an APA or CPA accredited program in professional psychology as determined by the ABCP. This option is particularly applicable to degrees awarded throughout the U.S. or Canada.
  • The doctoral degree is from a nonprofessional program in psychology, with an additional certification that the applicant has completed at least a two year doctoral level re-education program, including an internship that meets APA or CPA accreditation requirements in Clinical Psychology.
  • The doctoral degree program was in a counseling or a combined counseling/school psychology program accredited by the APA or CPA (see postdoctoral practice experience & supervision requirements below).
Internship Requirements
A one-year full-time or two-year half-time internship program is required. The internship requirement is met if:
  • Accredited by the APA or CPA at the time the internship was completed,  OR
  • Listed in the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) Directory for the year the internship was completed, OR
  • An applicant who has successfully completed a post-doctoral  training program in professional psychology, that was accredited by the APA at the time the applicant completed the program, is considered to have met the internship requirement, even if the applicant’s internship was not APA- or CPA- accredited and was not an APPIC Member internship program.
Postdoctoral Practice Experience and Supervision Requirements
The specialty of Clinical Psychology denotes a level of practice requiring preparation beyond doctoral requirements:
  • One year of post-doctoral supervision in Clinical Psychology in a successfully completed post-doctoral training program in professional psychology that is accredited by the APA or CPA or from an APPIC member program,  OR
  • Two years of postdoctoral practice experience consistent with that ordinarily associated with Clinical Psychology, during which a minimum of one hour per week of supervision was conducted face-to-face by a licensed psychologist for a full year (12 months) plus an additional one year (12 months) of postdoctoral practice, which may or may not be supervised. It is not required that the 24 months of postdoctoral practice and/or 12 months of postdoctoral supervision be consecutive months.
The postdoctoral requirements include the following for individuals whose degree is from an APA or CPA accredited program in Counseling Psychology or a Combined Counseling/School Program:
  • Successful completion of an APA or CPA accredited or APPIC member postdoctoral residency/fellowship program in clinical psychology,  OR
  • Three years post-doctoral experience as a Clinical Psychologist. One of the three years must have been supervised by a Clinical Psychologist.

In addition, it is expected that individuals whose degree is from an APA or CPA accredited program in Counseling Psychology or a Combined Counseling/School Program demonstrate self-identification as a Clinical Psychologist and an expected continued identification with the specialty.