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Training Director/Group Coordinator and Diversity Awards

Who We Are 
The American Board of Group Psychology (ABGP), represents the Group Specialty within the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP). Group Psychology is recognized as a specialty by both the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) and the American Psychological Association (APA).

Our Intention 
We seek to grant two different monetary awards in the field of Group Psychology. First, we believe that board certified training directors and group coordinators are outstanding role models for graduate students and early career psychologists. ABGP is seeking to expand the number of board certified Group Specialists among highly qualified Training Directors and Group Coordinators focused on Group Psychology. In addition, AAGP/ABGP recognizes the importance of diversity representation among group therapists and group therapy populations. AAGP/ABGP is interested in increasing the number of ABPP board certified group ( psychologists of diversity.

ABGP is announcing the availability of awards for 2022 of up to $1,000 (depending on applicant expenses) to reimburse the candidate’s actual expenses of the board certification application and examination process (including travel and lodging) in group psychology for individuals upon
successful achievement of ABPP board certification.

The Difference Between ABPP and ABGP Awards
The ABPP Foundation provides awards to applicants in any specialty. ABGP is specifically for psychologists who seek board certification in group psychology.

Criteria for the Training Director/Group Coordinator Award:
Maximum two awards/year

Current training directors or group coordinators who meet current ABPP criteria (e. degree, licensure, experience) to become board certified in group psychology, and are either:

  1. Part of an APA-accredited doctoral training program in clinical, counseling, or school psychology which includes an emphasis on group psychology or
  2. Part of an APA-accredited or APPIC member internship/postdoctoral residency program in psychology which includes an emphasis on group psychology.
  3. Must demonstrate a reasonable ability to complete 100 supervised and 300 unsupervised hours of group therapy experience within ONE YEAR.
Submission requirements for the Training Director/Group Coordinator Award
  • Current CV
  • A brief statement (500 words or less) describing your interest in ABPP board certification and how board certification might impact your training of doctoral students in group psychology. Please describe your group responsibilities, and number and type of hours devoted to teaching and supervising group psychology.
Criteria for the Diversity Award:
Maximum two awards/year
  • You must be a licensed psychologist who demonstrates a professional identity as a group psy-chologist, intends to pursue ABPP board certification in Group Psychology, and is a member of one or more of the minority groups. Please indicate the group(s) to which you belong, and de-scribe the ongoing work you are engaged in which supports and advances that community.
  • Must demonstrate a reasonable ability to complete 100 supervised and 300 unsupervised hours of group therapy experience within ONE YEAR.
Submission requirements for the Diversity Award:
  • Current CV
  • A brief statement (500 words or less) describing your view of how supporting and promoting diversity at the level of board certification will benefit the field as a whole. Please include specific contributions you could make to the ABPP community and the field as a whole if you were to become board certified, given your individual identity(ies). In addition, describe your group responsibilities/practice, and number and type of hours devoted to teaching, delivering, or supervising group psychology.

What Is Expected of You:
Upon receiving the award commitment, you are expected to complete the entire board certification process in group psychology within two years from the date of the award notification.

How to Request Reimbursement:
Requests for reimbursement of expenses associated with the application process should be submitted after the successful completion of all requirements for board certification in group psychology, including the oral examination. Receipts for expenses associate with the process of applying for and completing ABPP board certification would need to be submitted at that time.

Please keep in mind that upon successful completion of the examination, the examinee will be awarded 40 APA approved Continuing Education credits.

Applicants must submit all above referenced materials in electronic formate to:

Misha Bogomaz, PsyD, ABPP
President-Elect American Board Group Psychology

The deadline for submission is 5 pm eastern time, February 31, 2022.

No late applications will be accepted. Please note that no more than two awards in either category will be awarded within any one calendar year.