Specialty Specific Requirements

Police & Public Safety Psychology

Eligibility criteria specific to the specialization in Police & Public Safety Psychology include the following requirements:

Specialty Education & Training:
No fewer than 100 hours of formal education and supervision in Police & Public Safety Psychology is required to be eligible for specialty board certification. This criterion can be satisfied by a combination of the following methods if specifically pertinent to the specialty. Please refer to the Document Library for more detailed information in the Candidate Manual.
  1. Continuing or Graduate Education
  2. Direct Supervision/Formal
  3. Publications
  4. Dissertation
  5. Board Certification

Specialty Experience:
Eligibility for specialty board certification in police and public safety psychology requires at least 1,000 hours of direct services or activities in the specialty, accrued either post-licensure or during postdoctoral employment as a psychologist in a police or public safety agency or other professional setting. Should additional evidence be required, this shall consist of letters from colleagues and/or agency administrators familiar with the Applicant’s work, and documents showing contracted services.