There are numerous benefits in obtaining board certification in school psychology. Some of these benefits include:   

  • Possession of an increasingly valuable credential, in the context of increasing specialty practice, which is recognized by universities, hospitals, health service systems, agencies, and the public,  
  • Listing as a board certified specialist in the ABPP on-line directory,   
  • Supporting qualification as an expert witness,  
  • Verification as currently maintaining certification requirements of the specialty,  
  • Receipt of and an opportunity to publish in The ABPP Specialist, the on-line newsletter of the ABPP,  
  • Invitation to attend and participate in the ABPP’s national convocation held during the APA national convention,  
  • Recognition by many state licensing jurisdictions of ABPP board certification as an endorsement for reciprocity of licensure,  
  • Qualification for reduced liability practice insurance,
  • An opportunity to support and participate in the advancement of the specialty practice of school psychology at the local, state, and national levels,
  • Receipt of 10 CE credits for completion of the board certification process, and
  • Satisfaction of meeting the standard of a responsible professional when offering specialty services to the public (i.e., professional psychologists who offer services should be highly qualified/certified in their specialty).

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After obtaining board certification ABPP requires an annual payment.

This varies by individual, but the average is 18-24 months.