Specialty Specific Requirements

School Psychology

The School Psychology Specialty requires completion of an approved doctoral program of study that includes comprehensive preparation in the knowledge base, practice skills, and integrated supervised practice experiences. In addition to meeting the above generic professional doctoral level program requirements, it is preferred that the applicant has completed an APA accredited program in school psychology comprising coursework in foundational bases of psychological science and research, and integrative professional competencies that define the specialty of school psychology (i.e., consultation, assessment, intervention, supervision, and ethical professional practice).

Internship Requirements
A one year full-time or (two-half years) of at least 1500 hours doctoral internship in school psychology with a minimum of one hour per week of face-to-face supervision by a doctoral level licensed/certified psychologist. The internship is acceptable if approved by the APA/CPA, is listed in the National Canadian, National Registers, Council of Directors of School Psychology Programs (CDSPP), or has been documented as part of the requirements of an accredited professional psychology training program in School Psychology.

Postdoctoral Practice Experience and Supervision Requirements
The specialty requires advanced levels of practice comprising two or more years of qualifying experience, including supervision sufficient for good standing with the individual’s state licensing board.

Professional Identification and Good Standing
An individual, candidate, and board certified specialist must reflect an active identification with the profession and the specialty of School Psychology. This includes involvement and awareness of local, state, and national professional issues and participation in appropriate professional organizations and continuing education. Good standing with the profession and with appropriate statutory bodies governing the practice of psychology is required.